Edtech Champion xpectum: How To Successfully Move Into Edtech

In this second part of our interview with Erik Mossfeldt (read the first part here) we delve into the specifics of the edtech sector and what job seekers should bring to the table to successfully start a career in this field. If you are interested in starting an edtech career, Erik has some tips on how to get started.

Why is now the time to start working in the field of edtech or start an edtech career?

We’ve been in the edtech business for almost twenty years but I think that it really will start to take off in the next couple of years and continue to grow.

Which game-changing product can we look forward to?

Make My Course, the easy to use authoring tool which enables everyone with some kind of knowledge to create a high-quality course and spread it across the world.

How is edtech going to change our lives and society in 5, 10 and 25 years?

The business is talking about micro learning as the next big thing but I think that longer and more complex educational programs will be more common. It will be more acceptable to have a “degree” which consists of e-learning.

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Where do you see major and minor problems in the occupational field of the edtech sector?

One problem is the skepticism that some users still have towards e-learning. However, as edtech grows, the skepticism will fade away.

How important are foreign experience and international communication skills to you in the edtech sector?

Today, we mainly work in the national market. However, in the future, you will need to have solid international communication skills.

Are there differences between the theoretical science behind edtech and the real-life market situations? What is important for graduates?

I believe that theoretical science is a great foundation but, as in all tech industries, you need to be able to relearn and to acquire new skills. Like what you do and be curious. Educate yourself continually.

What edtech career opportunities are currently given and how will these change, in your opinion?

The edtech sector needs programmers, designers and people with behavioural and pedagogical knowledge. We are seeing more authoring tools in the market and they will facilitate for authors to produce their courses. However, I think there will still be a great demand for tech people.

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Which basic qualifications should an employee fulfil to gain employment in your company? What are basic requirements to getting started?

Programming skills, mainly in .php, javascript, SQL.

What is the most important thing to know about edtech to work in this field?

The purpose of edtech is to make great learning accessible.

What is important in a job application in the edtech sector? What are the differences in job applications compared to other jobs?

I don’t think there’s any difference. If you’re not interested in the sector, do not apply.

Now, to wrap things up: What tip can you give other startups or people interested in founding a company?

Go for it.

Erik, thank you so much for your interview!

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About the interviewee

Erik Mossfeld, Marketing Manager of xpectum

Erik Mossfeldt is the marketing director of xpectum. He has been with the company for three years.

He has a university degree in systems development and service management and marketing, as well as a background from the tech industry, media, and retail.


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