Edtech Champion xpectum: High-Quality Remote Learning Delivered Efficiently

In modern society, lifelong learning seems to become ever more important. To make education easily accessible and independent of one’s location, edtech companies such as xpectum offer remote learning solutions. With xpectum’s ready-made courses for the Swedish market and the authoring tool Make My Course for the international market, you can upgrade your skills in an easy way.

Erik, thank you so much for giving us some insights into your work and the field edtech. First things first: Please introduce yourself briefly. Who are you and what do you do?

I’m the marketing manager of xpectum AB, a Swedish edtech company. I live in Åre with my wife and daughter. Most of my spare time is spent in the mountains: skiing, biking, hiking.

Why edtech and what was your pathway into the field?

It was more of a coincidence. I have university degrees in service management and systems development and spent my first working years in the IT-industry. Skiing has always been one of my greatest interests and so, when I met my wife to be, I moved from Stockholm and ended up in Åre (a Swedish ski resort). After a couple of years, I contacted xpectum.

What has been your biggest professional or career challenge so far?

It’s hard to name the biggest. One big challenge concerns development resources. We want to do so much but we don’t have enough tech personnel. Another challenge is to get through the buzz on the web. We have very good products but we need to reach our potential customers in an effective way. Some potential users are still skeptical regarding the difference in the quality of e-learning vs traditional learning. We need to continue to educate our users in the advantages of edtech and e-learning.

What was your biggest professional or career success so far?

This is also a hard question to answer. We have really high-quality products which we constantly develop. We have several larger customers who are on the forefront of their fields, which makes for a quality marker.

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What is the unique appeal of the company? How do you distinguish yourself from competitors in your industry?

I think the quality focus is important. Another factor is that we produce everything in-house: everything from scriptwriting and video to animations and programming. Our competition is also within the traditional learning industry and within that segment, we distinguish ourselves by providing totally flexible study solutions anywhere you want and when you want, and effective education.

What was the inspiration for the idea of the company and how is the core team composed? What was your motivation?

I’m not the founder but the founders’ idea, Lena and Urban, sprung out of a feeling that distance learning could be delivered in a more efficient way and with higher quality. The team is composed

The team is composed by 50/50 tech people and more business/sales oriented personnel. It’s a pretty tight team and we work closely. Everyone has a good insight into what the others are doing. I think this leads to a more effective way of working in terms of product development, adjustments, and tuning. We are all customer oriented, so it doesn’t matter who picks up the phone. As a customer, you will always get the best possible help.

To what extent do you interact across the world and how important are international markets for your company?

Our ready-made courses are suitable only for the Swedish market but the authoring tool, Make My Course, is for the international market. We are in the starting blocks so we had some contacts with a couple of potential resellers across Europe. The intention is that Make My Course shall be of use for anyone, anywhere in the world.

What can the company offer that other employers cannot?

You can have a challenging and inspiring job in a fantastic environment where skiing, biking, and other outdoor activities are around the corner.

edtech, remote learning, online learning, online courses

What was the reason to focus on digital?

The company started twenty years ago with the intention to make distance learning more effective. At first, we used VHS and then moved on to cd-ROM. We have always been tech-driven.

Do you think that there is a need for a digital transformation in your industry? If so, why?

We are already digital. We contribute to transforming other sectors.

What is your secret of success?

Keep improving.

Erik, thank you very much for this interview! 

This interview is continued in a second part, in which we focus on the edtech industry and the skills students and job seekers should possess to successfully enter this field.  

About the interviewee

Erik Mossfeld, Marketing Manager of xpectum

Erik Mossfeldt is the marketing director of xpectum. He has been with the company for three years.

He has a university degree in systems development and service management and marketing, as well as a background from the tech industry, media, and retail.


xpectum AB

Kurortsvägen 20
837 91 Åre
Web: www.xpectum.se
Email: info@xpectum.se
Social Media: FacebookLinkedIn


Kurortsvägen 20
837 91 Åre
Web: www.makemycourse.com
Email: info@makemycourse.com

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